Robert Irwin's Power Tips for Buying a House for Less

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With over one million copies of his Tips & Traps books sold to date, Robert Irwin is the undisputed leading real estate author in America. His Power Tips series provides readers with fifty-three tried and true power tips for purchasing a home for less, whether the market is red hot or ice cold. In "Power Tips for Buying a House for Less," Robert Irwin arms buyers with the arguments and leverage they need to negotiate price reductions on their dream house. When every dollar counts, these precious savings translate into getting more home for less money, living in a nicer neighborhood, and even having smaller monthly payments.From getting pre-approved for a mortgage to arranging to have the sellers pay closing costs, "Power Tips for Buying a House for Less" teaches savvy home shoppers: How a buyer's broker can help you find hidden bargains. How to use the inspection report to get a house for less. Where to find a deal-house in the top neighborhoods. How to lower your interest rate by getting a shorter-term mortgage. What to say when negotiating. How to track down evasive sellers and highly motivated sellers. And much more!


Chapter 1: Plan Before You Purchase.

Chapter 2: Strategies for a Hot Market.

Chapter 3: Tactics for Successful Offers.

Chapter 4: Profitting in a Normal or Cold Market.

Chapter 5: Get Lenders to Work for You.

Chapter 6: Easier Closings.

Chapter 7: When Buying a Brand New Home.





Robert Irwin, one of America's leading experts in all areas of real estate, is the author of more than twenty books, including McGraw-Hill's best-selling Tips and Traps series. For more of Bob Irwin's real estate tips and traps, go to
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