Rapid Results!: How 100-Day Projects Build the Capacity for Large-Scale Change

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September 2005



praise for rapid results! "The 100-day deadline drives an incredible amount of creativity. Because we were getting closer to our customers and partnering with them on the rapid results projects, we found new ideas for what they needed that we could supply."
- Dean A. Scarborough, president and chief executive officer, Avery Dennison "The rapid results projects described in this book provide a structured way to get people to contribute and be successful. That, and the tight time pressure, keeps people moving ahead instead of wallowing in complex processes."
- A. D. "Pete" Correll, chairman and chief executive officer, Georgia-Pacific "We have found that this approach energizes teams and provides an intense focus on getting results. At the same time, it is helping to build the capacity of our organization to drive transformational change."
- Martha Marsh, president and CEO, Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Palo Alto, California "Just do it! Do it now! These simple words reflect the mantra of Rapid Results! And they work. The book offers hope for those who really want to change. It shows that even large, complex transformations can be accomplished with 100-day rapid results projects. It provides sound principles that can be adapted and applied by any leader who faces the challenge of getting things done. It's not only a good read, but a good toolkit for action."
- Dave Ulrich, professor, University of Michigan, RBL partner, and coauthor, The HR Value Proposition "For leaders in search of the secret to success for their organization, this is the one book they should read. Rapid Results! will help them unlock extraordinary levels ofperformance- now and with each passing quarter."
- Patrick O'Sullivan, group CFO, Zurich Financial Services "This is an approach that can be taken to accelerate progress on almost any goal. It has helped us make significant progress."
- Lynne Fisher, managi


Preface. Part One: Implementation Capability: Strengthening the Weakest Link. 1. A Thousand Cures: Which One Is Right? 2. The Potential Is There to Respond. 3. Start with Results, Not Preparations. Part Two: Rapid Results: Expanding Implementation Capability. 4. Gain Rapid Results on Key Goals. 5. Mobilize Large Numbers of People in Change. 6. Build Your Own Unique Transformation Process. 7. Georgia-Pacific Takes It All the Way. Part Three: Using Enhanced Implementation Capability to Execute Large-Scale Change. 8. Make Acquisitions and Mergers Succeed. 9. Unleash Implementation Capacity in Developing Countries. 10. Spark Strategic Momentum with Rapid Results. 11. Develop Leaders Through Results Achievement. Part Four: Conclusion. 12. Challenge for Leaders: You Can Make It Happen!; Will You? Notes. Acknowledgments. The Authors. Index.


Robert H. Schaffer is the founder and Ronald N. Ashkenas is a managing partner of Robert H. Schaffer & Associates in Stamford, Connecticut. Schaffer is the author of The Breakthrough Strategy and High-Impact Consulting. Ashkenas is a coach to CEOs and speaker on organizational transformation. He is the coauthor of The Boundaryless Organization and The GE Work-Out. The authors can be reached at


"In an arena where quick success is paramount, learn the tools of Rapid Results or get left behind." (Kirkus Reports) "Ownership of the idea doesna t matter. What does matter is that the approach works." (CIO Insight Magazine Review by Paul B. Brown, October 2005)
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