The Human Touch in Education Leadership: A Postpositivist Approach to Understanding Educational Leadership

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Januar 2003



Palestini advances a new theory of educational leadership seen through the dual lens of critical theory and the Ignatian vision and its practical implications. A truly novel approach, the author strives to acquiant administrators and students of educational administration with a different way of thinking about education and its administration.


Chapter 1 Introduction: The Human Touch in Educational Administration Chapter 2 1 Educational Leadership Chapter 3 2 The Positivist/Functionalist Approach to Leadership Chapter 4 3 Critical Theory and Leadership Chapter 5 4 Educational Administration as a Moral Science Chapter 6 5 The Ignatian Vision Chapter 7 6 Implications for Organizational Development Chapter 8 7 Implications for Institutional Change Chapter 9 8 Educational Choice and Vouchers: A Case Study Chapter 10 Index Chapter 11 About the Author


Robert Palestini is dean of Graduate and Continuing Studies at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been a teacher, a principal, and a superintendent and has written six books on educational administration.


This book provides a great reminder of why we chose education as our career and how we should strive to meet each individual's needs. School Administrator Magazine
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