A Game Plan for Effective Leadership: Lessons from 10 Successful Coaches in Moving from Theory to Practice

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This book uses the case study approach in order to facilitate placing theory into effective practice. Each chapter contains an extensive study on one of ten of the most successful basketball coaches of our times including, Phil Jackson, Bobby Knight, Mike Krzyzewski, Pat Riley, Pat Summitt, and Dean Smith. The book looks to see how these coaches were able to place leadership theory into effective practice.


Chapter 1 Contemporary Leadership Theory Chapter 2 Leading with Heart Chapter 3 Phil Jackson Chapter 4 Dr. Jack Ramsay Chapter 5 Pat Riley Chapter 6 Bobby Knight Chapter 7 Mike Krzyzewski Chapter 8 Dean Smith Chapter 9 Pat Summitt Chapter 10 John Thompson Chapter 11 John Wooden Chapter 12 Bob Hurley Chapter 13 Leadership Lessons Learned


Robert Palestini is dean emeritus and professor of education at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


In this book, Dr. Palestini demonstrates how the use of situational leadership theory by ten successful basketball coaches has contributed to their effectiveness and how these same leadership principles can be appropriately applied to anyone's leadership behavior, whether the individual be a parent, a teacher, an administrator or a CEO. -- Phil Martelli, head basketball coach, St. Joseph's University, 2004 National Coach of the Year Bob Palestini's practical approach to leadership, based on behavioral profiles of basketball coaches, provides valuable insights for leaders in all walks of life. -- H. Edward Hanway, President and CEO, CIGNA Corporation The most interesting parts of the book were the examples about the coaches' implementation of situational leadership and the Heart Smart scoring sheet. School Administrator, January 2010 Palestini puts the ball in your court with real life leadership principles that can be applied to coaching, parenting and all levels of executive management. -- Dr. Jack Ramsay, Basketball Hall of Famer, ESPN Analyst, and former NBA Coach
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