Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

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-No other publication currently available offers such a comprehensive overview of the care required by a child with hypoplasia of the left heart -Address the needs of the families of children born with this condition, and is the first to includes insight from parents -Authors are acknowledged world leaders in the diagnostic, medical and social needs of children born with this condition


1. The Morphology of Hypoplasia of the Left Heart Audrey Smith, Marco Pozzi and Robert H Anderson 2. The Phenotype During Human Fetal Development Andrew C Cook 3. Antenatal diagnosis of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Gurleen Sharland 4. The Genetics of Hypoplasia of the Left Heart Helen Cox and David I Wilson 5. Diagnostic Approach James L Wilkinson 6. Pre and Postoperative Management of Infants with Hypoplasia of the Left Heart Thomas J Kulik, Dennis C Crowley, John R Charpie 7. Surgical Management of Hypoplasia of the Left Heart Edward L Bove 8. Evolving Techniques in the Operative Management of Hypoplasia of the Left Heart Akhlaque N Bhat, Aitizaz U Syed, Marco Pozzi 9. Anaesthesia for Hypoplasia of the Left Heart Monica A Stokes 10. Transplantation in the Management of Infants with Hypoplasia of the Left Heart Anees J Razzouk, Richard E Chinnock, Joyce K Johnston, James A Fitts, and Leonard L Bailey 11. The Nursing Management of Neonates and Infants with Hypoplasia of the Left Heart Janet L Taylor 12. The Psychosocial Problems faced by the Families of Children with Hypoplasia of the Left Ventricle Suzie Hutchinson 13. Hypoplasia of the Left Heart: Neuropsychological Functioning and Psychosocial Development Jacqueline C Blyth 14. Chasing the Light: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome: A Parents' Perspective Louise E Hall


From the reviews:
"This book ... presents a very complete overview of all the different aspects related to the management of hypoplasia of the left heart, emphasizing that the multidisciplinary approach to this disease forms the key to a successful outcome. ... The authors of this book have succeeded in providing a very complete, sometimes personal, mostly universal overview of all different aspects of the spectrum of hypoplastic left heart syndrome. They have to be congratulated for offering a fine reference textbook to all health professionals ... ." (Dr. Katrien François, Acta Chirurgica Belgica, Vol. 105 (4), 2005)
"Hypoplastic left heart syndrome is a challenge ... . This book is timely ... . The Editors have done an excellent job in assembling a series of experts ... . A great strength of the book ... it includes the views of families who have had a child with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. This book will be of value to all those involved in the antenatal and postnatal care ... an important addition to the library of any unit undertaking the Norwood procedure." (J.R.L. Hamilton, The Surgeon, Vol. 3 (4), 2005)
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