College Algebra with Access Code: An Early Functions Approach

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Blitzer draws on his unique background in mathematics and behavioral science to present the full scope of mathematics with vivid applications in real-life situations. Students stay engaged because Blitzer often uses pop-culture and up-to-date references to connect math to students' lives, showing that their world is profoundly mathematical. 0321900782 / 9780321900784 College Algebra: An Early Functions Approach Plus NEW MyMathLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package Package consists of: 0321431308 / 9780321431301 MyMathLab/MyStatLab -- Glue-in Access Card 0321654064 / 9780321654069 MyMathLab Inside Star Sticker 0321729641 / 9780321729644 College Algebra: An Early Functions Approach


P. Prerequisites: Fundamental Concepts of Algebra P.1 Algebraic Expressions, Mathematical Models, and Real Numbers P.2 Basic Rules of Algebra P.3 Exponents and Scientific Notation P.4 Radicals and Rational Exponents P.5 Polynomials P.6 Factoring Polynomials P.7 Rational Expressions SUMMARY, REVIEW, AND TEST REVIEW EXERCISES CHAPTER P TEST 1. Functions and Graphs 1.1 Graphs and Graphing Utilities 1.2 Basics of Functions and Their Graphs 1.3 More on Functions and Their Graphs 1.4 Linear Functions and Slope 1.5 More on Slope Mid-Chapter Check Point 1.6 Transformations of Functions 1.7 Combinations of Functions; Composite Functions 1.8 Inverse Functions 1.9 Distance and Midpoint Formulas; Circles SUMMARY, REVIEW, AND TEST REVIEW EXERCISES CHAPTER 2 TEST 2. Equations and Inequalities 2.1 Linear Equations and Rational Equations 2.2 Models and Applications 2.3 Complex Numbers 2.4 Quadratic Equations Mid-Chapter Check Point 2.5 Other Types of Equations 2.6 Linear Inequalities and Absolute Value Inequalities SUMMARY, REVIEW, AND TEST REVIEW EXERCISES CHAPTER 1 TEST CUMULATIVE REVIEW EXERCISES (CHAPTERS 1-2) 3. Polynomial and Rational Functions 3.1 Quadratic Functions 3.2 Polynomial Functions and Their Graphs 3.3 Dividing Polynomials; Remainder and Factor Theorems 3.4 Zeros of Polynomial Functions Mid-Chapter Check Point 3.5 Rational Functions and Their Graphs 3.6 Polynomial and Rational Inequalities 3.7 Modeling Using Variation SUMMARY, REVIEW, AND TEST REVIEW EXERCISES CHAPTER 3 TEST CUMULATIVE REVIEW EXERCISES (CHAPTERS 1-3) 4. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 4.1 Exponential Functions 4.2 Logarithmic Functions 4.3 Properties of Logarithms Mid-Chapter Check Point 4.4 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations 4.5 Exponential Growth and Decay; Modeling Data SUMMARY, REVIEW, AND TEST REVIEW EXERCISES CHAPTER 4 TEST CUMULATIVE REVIEW EXERCISES (CHAPTERS 1-4) 5. Systems of Equations and Inequalities 5.1 Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables 5.2 Systems of Linear Equations in Three Variables 5.3 Partial Fractions 5.4 Systems of Nonlinear Equations in Two Variables Mid-Chapter Check Point 5.5 Systems of Inequalities 5.6 Linear Programming SUMMARY, REVIEW, AND TEST REVIEW EXERCISES CHAPTER 5 TEST CUMULATIVE REVIEW EXERCISES (CHAPTERS 1-5) 6. Matrices and Determinants 6.1 Matrix Solutions to Linear Systems 6.2 Inconsistent and Dependent Systems and Their Applications 6.3 Matrix Operations and Their Applications Mid-Chapter Check Point 6.4 Multiplicative Inverses of Matrices and Matrix Equations 6.5 Determinants and Cramer's Rule SUMMARY, REVIEW, AND TEST REVIEW EXERCISES CHAPTER 6 TEST CUMULATIVE REVIEW EXERCISES (CHAPTERS 1-6) 7. Conic Sections 7.1 The Ellipse 7.2 The Hyperbola Mid-Chapter Check Point 7.3 The Parabola SUMMARY, REVIEW, AND TEST REVIEW EXERCISES CHAPTER 7 TEST CUMULATIVE REVIEW EXERCISES (CHAPTERS 1-7) 8. Sequences, Induction, and Probability 8.1 Sequences and Summation Notation 8.2 Arithmetic Sequences 8.3 Geometric Sequences and Series Mid-Chapter Check Point 8.4 Mathematical Induction 8.5 The Binomial Theorem 8.6 Counting Principles, Permutations, and Combinations 8.7 Probability SUMMARY, REVIEW, AND TEST REVIEW EXERCISES CHAPTER 8 TEST CUMULATIVE REVIEW EXERCISES (CHAPTERS 1-8) Appendix: Where Did That Come From? Selected Proofs Answers to Selected Exercises Subject IndexPhoto Credits


Bob Blitzer is a native of Manhattan and received a Bachelor of Arts degree with dual majors in mathematics and psychology (minor: English literature) from the City College of New York. His unusual combination of academic interests led him toward a Master of Arts in mathematics from the University of Miami and a doctorate in behavioral sciences from Nova University. Bob is most energized by teaching mathematics and has taught a variety of mathematics courses at Miami-Dade College for nearly 30 years. He has received numerous teaching awards, including Innovator of the Year from the League for Innovations in the Community College, and was among the first group of recipients at Miami-Dade College for an endowed chair based on excellence in the classroom. Bob has written Intermediate Algebra for College Students, Introductory Algebra for College Students, Essentials of Intermediate Algebra for College Students, Introductory and Intermediate Algebra for College Students, Essentials of Introductory and Intermediate Algebra for College Students, Algebra for College Students, Thinking Mathematically, College Algebra, Algebra and Trigonometry, Precalculus, and Trigonometry all published by Pearson.
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