Henry R. Luce, Time, and the American Crusade in Asia

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Using hitherto inaccessible or neglected sources, Herzstein chronicles how Henry R. Luce, founder of "Time" magazine, used his famous magazine to advance his interventionist agenda in Asia and to convince Americans that the United States had "lost" China to the Communists.


Preface; Introduction; Part I. From the American Century to the Cold War: 1. Henry Luce and China: prelude to an American crusade; 2. Learning to market Chiang's China; 3. Bitter victory; 4. China on the brink: what role for America?; Part II. Luce and the 'Loss' of China: 5. Cold war strategy: allies and enemies in the battle for China; 6. Losing China: the hunt for culprits intensifies; 7. Anti-communist allies in Asia: MacArthur and Rhee; 8. McCarthy and Korea: crises and opportunities; 9. The campaign for a wider war in Asia; 10. Electing Eisenhower while fighting McCarthy; Part III. Time Inc., Eisenhower, and Asian Policy, 1952-1959: 11. Unwelcome moderation: Eisenhower's caution in East Asia; 12. Keeping the pressure on Mao and Ho; Part IV. Time, Luce, and the looming disaster in Vietnam, 1960-1967: 13. Time Inc. and nation-making in Vietnam: from Kennedy to Johnson; 14. Troubled crusade in Vietnam; 15. The final years of Henry Luce's mission to Asia.


Robert E. Herzstein is a Carolina Distinguished Professor of History at the University of South Carolina where he teaches. He is the author of numerous books including Henry R. Luce: A Political Portrait of the Man Who Created the American Century, Waldheim: The Missing Years, Roosevelt & Hitler: Prelude to War, Adolf Hitler and the German Trauma, and The Nazis (Time-Life Books). Professor Herzstein is also the author of numerous scholarly articles and the recipient of various awards and grants.


Review of the hardback: 'Herzstein has unearthed a wealth of information about Luce and Time, which will interest historians of China as well as the US between the 1920s and 1960s.' Times Higher Education Supplement ' ... fascinaing study ... well written, with a good pace...' Asian Affairs
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