Building the Bridge as You Walk on it

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In this follow-up to the bestselling "Deep Change," Quinn reveals how extraordinary leaders change their communities and organizations by transforming themselves.


Preface.Part One: An Invitation to the Fundamental State of Leadership.1. Building the Bridge As You Walk On It.2. The Fundamental State of Leadership.3. Entering the Fundamental State of Leadership.4. Personal Revitalization.5. Becoming More Aware and Authentic.6. Transforming Others by Transforming Self.7. A New View of Leadership.Part Two: Eight Practices for Entering the Fundamental State of Leadership.8. Reflective Action.9. Authentic Engagement.10. Appreciative Inquiry.11. Grounded Vision.12. Adaptive Confidence.13. Detached Interdependence.14. Responsible Freedom.15. Tough Love.Part Three: Developing Leaders.16. The Stages of Self-Change.17. Inviting Others into the Fundamental State of Leadership.References.The Author.Index.


Robert E. Quinn is the author of Deep Change and Change the World, both from Jossey-Bass. Quinn helps business and government leaders understand and manage organizational life through his teaching, consulting, books, and numerous published articles. He holds the Margaret Elliott Tracy Collegiate Professorship of Business Administration and is Professor of Organi-zational Behavior and Human Resource Management at the Graduate School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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