Medical Firsts: From Hippocrates to the Human Genome

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An exploration of medical discoveries-from the ancient Greeks to the present
"Always help, or at least do no harm." Following this simple yet revolutionary idea, Hippocrates laid the foundation for modern medicine over two millennia ago. From the Hippocratic Oath to the human genome, from Pasteur's germ theory to the worldwide eradication of smallpox, Medical Firsts brings to life 2,500 years of medical advances and discoveries. Organized chronologically, the book describes each milestone in a vivid capsule history, making it a fascinating and wonderfully readable resource for anyone interested in medicine's past progress and future promise.
Robert E. Adler, PhD (Santa Rosa, CA) has worked as a psychologist and science journalist. He writes about a wide variety of scientific and medical topics for New Scientist, Nature, and other publications and is the author of Science Firsts (0-471-40174-9).


Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Hippocrates: A Principle and a Method. 2. Herophilus and Erasistratus: The Light That Failed. 3. Marcus Varro: The Germ of an Idea. 4. Soranus: The Birthing Doctor. 5. Galen of Pergamon: Combative Genius. 6. The Enlightened Mind of Abu Bakr al-Razi. 7. Ibn al-Nafis: Galen's Nemesis. 8. Paracelsus: Renaissance Rebel. 9. Andreas Vesalius: Driven to Dissection. 10. Johann Weyer: A Voice of Sanity in an Insane World. 11. William Harvey and the Movements of the Heart. 12. Edward Jenner: A Friend of Humanity. 13. Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On: The Discovery of Anesthesia. 14. Antisepsis: Awakening from a Nightmare. 15. The Quiet Dr. Snow. 16. Pasteur and the Germ Theory of Disease. 17. Out of the Corner of His Eye: Roentgen Discovers X-rays. 18. Sigmund Freud's Dynamic Unconscious. 19. Beyond Bacteria: Ivanovsky's Discovery of Viruses. 20. The Prepared Mind of Alexander Fleming. 21. Margaret Sanger and the Pill. 22. Organ Transplantation: A Legacy of Life. 23. A Baby's Cry: The Birth of In Vitro Fertilization. 24. Humanity Eradicates a Disease--Smallpox--for the First Time. 25. Cannibals, Kuru, and Mad Cows: A New Kind of Plague. 26. Self, Nonself, and Danger: Deciphering the Immune System. 27. Discovery Can't Wait: Deciding the Human Genome. 28. Into the Future. References and Further Reading. Index.


ROBERT E. ADLER, PhD, is a psychologist, science journalist, and author of the critically acclaimed Science Firsts. He writes about a wide variety of scientific and medical topics for New Scientist, Nature, and other publications.


"A valuable edition to a thriving scientific literary genre, this is a tour de force of medicine's chequered history." (Good Book Guide, June 2004)

"This is a 'must read' book for any with an interest in medical history." (Country Doctor, June 2004)

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