The Jews of Medieval Western Christendom: 1000 1500

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A comprehensive synthesis of medieval Jewish history between AD 1000 and 1500.


List of maps; Preface; Introduction; Part I. Prior Legacies: 1. The Muslim legacy; 2. The Christian legacy; 3. The Jewish legacy; Part II. The Pan-European Roman Catholic Church: 4. Theological doctrine; 5. Ecclesiastical policies; 6. Imagery of Judaism and the Jews; 7. Cultural and spiritual creativity: danger, challenge, stimulus; 8. Looking ahead; Part III. The Older Jewries of the South: 9. Southern France; 10. Christian Spain; 11. Italy and Sicily; Part IV. The Newer Jewries of the North: Northern France: 12. Northern France; 13. England; Part V. The Newer Jewries of the North: Germany and Eastern Europe: 14. Germany; 15. Eastern Europe; Part VI. Material Challenges, Successes and Failures: 16. Obstacles and attractions; 17. The governing authorities; 18. Successes; 19. The dynamics of deterioration; Part VII. Spiritual Challenges, Successes and Failures: 20. Proselytizing, conversion and resistance; 21. Strengthening traditional lines of Jewish cultural creativity; 22. Innovative lines of cultural creativity; 23. New and creative Jewish culture; Epilogue; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


Dr. Robert Chazan is currently S. H. and Helen R. Scheur Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at New York University.


"...this book is highly readable and well conceived." -Dean Phillip Bell, H-HRE " Robert Chazen has presented a clear, concise, yet complex synthetic history of medieval European Jewish communities from 1000-1500. There is much here of use for a variety of readers..." - Dana Wessell Lightfoot, Canadian Journal of History "...well rounded and highly informed presentation..." -Michael Toch, The Medieval Review "As a survey of Jewish-Christian relations, this is certainly a good starting point for students." -R. N. Swanson, Sixteenth Century Journal
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