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Traditional requiem texts, among them the anonymous medieval Latin poem Dies Irae ("Day of Wrath"), have inspired an untold number of composers in different ages and serving different religions, Western and Eastern. This book, the first comprehensive survey of requiem music for nearly half a century, provides a great deal of diverse and detailed information that will be of use to the professional musician, the musical scholar, the choral conductor, the theologian and liturgist, and the general reader.


Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Acknowledgments Chapter 3 Abbreviations Chapter 4 Introduction Chapter 5 1 The Gregorian Requiem Mass Chapter 6 2 The Polyphonic Corsican Requiem Chapter 7 3 The Renaissance and the Franco-Flemish School Chapter 8 4 The High Renaissance Chapter 9 5 The Baroque Requiem Chapter 10 6 The Symphonic Requiem Chapter 11 7 Romanticism Chapter 12 8 The Twentieth Century Chapter 13 9 Dies Irae Chapter 14 10 Ein Deutsches Requiem: The German Requiem Chapter 15 11 The Anglican Requiem Chapter 16 12 The Byzantine-Greek Requiem Chapter 17 13 The Russian Orthodox Panikhida Chapter 18 14 The Serbian Orthodox Requiem: Opelo Chapter 19 15 The Armenian Orthodox Requiem Chapter 20 Appendix A: Dies Irae Melodies Chapter 21 Appendix B: More Liturgical Requiems Chapter 22 Bibliography Chapter 23 Composer Index Chapter 24 About the Author


Robert Chase is Professor of Music at Pace University, White Plains, New York. He is active as pianist, organist, conductor, and choir trainer. Jahja Ling is Associate Conductor, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra.


If Chase is correct that there are between 2,000 and 2,500 "requiem settings" in existence, he has pulled together a compendium of most of them.The book is a valuable resource for that reason alone. Worship The reference value of this work cannot be denied... -- Haig Mardirosian The American Organist, January 2004 ...the fruit of patient and careful, thorough and exhaustive description in a review such as this can begin to do it justice...Dr. Chase's study is an especially welcome addition to the literature. -- John Ogasapian The Diapason, November 2003 ...helpful for performers and theologians as well as those interested in music and church history. -- Michael B. Shavelson Bostonia, Winter 2003-2004 Dr. Chase has not missed anything in this one-of-a-kind, voluminous, comprehensive guide...This is a cornucopia of information: Everything thing is there...well worth the inclusion on the active shelves of libraries, musicians, liturgists, and general readers. -- William Tortolano Pastoral Music, March 2004 Chase offers a broad, detailed survey of over 200 requiems and requiem-like compositions from the era of early Western chant to the present. Recommended. All music collections. CHOICE
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