Doing Therapy Briefly

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November 2003



With lengthy waiting lists, reduced resources and demands for more clearly defined performance outcomes, more and more counselors, psychotherapists and psychologists are finding themselves under pressure to provide short-term treatment for their patients. To work briefly, however, can not be just the use a diluted version of longer-term therapeutic model. To work briefly is to work differently and to use a new trans-theoretical model. In "Doing Therapy Briefly" four experienced counselors and psychologists explore ways of working briefly with clients in psychotherapy. The only book to cover the use of brief therapy within all the different schools of thought, this book presents a clear and refreshing approach to working briefly, based on a tried and tested framework for practice. Readers are introduced to the basic principles and theories that guide therapy practice and gain insight into its application through numerous illustrative examples. Written by a team of authors with a wealth of experience in the fields of counseling, psychotherapy and care, this authoritative text will be invaluable to students and professionals alike.


About the Authors
Introduction and Overview of Time Sensitive Therapy
Exploring 'Brief' and 'Time Sensitive Therapy'
Emancipating Therapy
Therapy as Conversation
'How Have You Managed To Cope So Well?'
Preparing For The First Therapy Session: Some Parameters To Consider
Outline of The First Therapy Session: A 'Map' For Practise
Working Positively and Briefly With a Teenager With a Serious Medical Condition: A Case Study
Getting Unstuck in Therapy: Adversity as Opportunity
Cognitive-Behavioural Interventions: Briefly Focused
Endings and Closure in Therapy
Brief Therapy in Managed Care


Robert Bor, Sheila Gill, Riva Miller and Christine Parrott


'If you're not familiar with - or even wary of - brief or time-limited approaches to counselling, this book provides a comprehensive introduction that could challenge your way of thinking.  The whole theory behind brief thereapy is in fact an incentive to be present, to check everything out with the client, not to let things slide, hoping that they will come up later. The time is now.' - Sarah Luczaj,, April 2008
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