Re-Writing the French Revolutionary Tradition: Liberal Opposition and the Fall of the Bourbon Monarchy

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Examining the politics of the French Revolutionary tradition during the nineteenth century Bourbon Restoration and early July Monarchy, Robert Alexander argues that political struggle was not confined to the elite. The Restoration Liberal Opposition developed a reform tradition based on legal organization and persuasion, which would prove far more effective in achieving progressive change than the revolutionary tradition of conspiracy and insurrection. Alexander analyzes relations among the Liberal Opposition, ultra-royalists and the state to support his claims.


List of maps; List of tables; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations used in notes; Introduction: open questions; 1. False starts and uncertain beginnings: from the First Restoration (May 1814) to the elections of September 1816; 2. Battle commences: from September 1816 to July 1820; 3. Self-defeating opposition: from July 1820 to February 1824; 4. Back on track: from March 1824 to January 1828; 5. Towards victory?: from January 1828 to July 1830; 6. Aftermath: liberal opposition and the July Revolution; Conclusion: revolutionary tradition; Bibliography; Index.


Robert Alexander is Professor of History at the University of Victoria, Canada. He has previously published with Cambridge University Press on Bonapartism and Revolutionary Tradition in France (1991).


'Professor Alexander's well-researched and carefully argued study is a welcome addition to the literature of a comparatively neglected period of French history.' William Fortescue, University of Kent, , History 'A well-grounded scholarly study ... Alexander's work will play a major role in studies on the post-1815 period ...' Journal of European Studies 'This is an invaluable scholarly contribution to a welcome revival of interest in the early nineteenth century ... specialists will delight in the detailed empirical research and stimulating broad arguments.' The English Historical Review
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