Business Statistics

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Chapter 1. Introduction to Business Statistics Chapter 2. Displaying Descriptive Statistics Chapter 3. Calculating Descriptive Statistics Chapter 4. Introduction to Probabilities Chapter 5. Discrete Probability Distributions Chapter 6. Continuous Probability Distributions Chapter 7. Sampling and Sampling Distributions Chapter 8. Confidence Intervals Chapter 9. Hypothesis Testing with One Population Chapter 10. Hypothesis Testing with Two Population Chapter 11. Analysis of Variance Chapter 12. Chi-Square Tests Chapter 13. One and Two Population Variance Tests Chapter 14. Correlation and Simple Regression Chapter 15. Multiple Regression Chapter 16. Forecasting


"Donnelly's Business Statistics book is much, much easier to understand and follow along with the lectures. The example problems are broken down for better understanding. Overall the book seems wonderful and I would love to have more books like this in all my classes." Richard Walker, University of Texas At San Antonio "Relates to students on a more conversational level and thereby assists in the learning process. The book presents the concepts in an easy-to-understand, and even somewhat exciting, manner." Heath McConnell, East Tennessee State University "There was humor in the book so it was easy to read and the examples were realistic and easy to follow." Cindy Ortiz, Universityof Texas - San Antonio
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