Successful Interviewing and Recruitment

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Plenty of managers know how to interview but few can interview well. Successful Interviewing and Recruitment teaches you how to structure the interview, spot exceptional candidates and hire only the best who will add value to your business. Guiding you towards questions to ask as well as questions not to ask, you will learn how to challenge candidates while treating them fairly, so that the best candidates will want to work for you. Based on proven techniques, this book tells you how to put a candidate at ease, helps you to construct competency-based questions, shows you how to identify liars and helps you to design practical tests to measure candidates abilities. Packed with practical information for anyone from the owner of a small company to managing director of an international business, it is an indispensible guide that will help you to choose the right person for the job.


Chapter - 01: Why learn to interview properly?; Chapter - 02: Structuring the interview; Chapter - 03: Developing your questioning skills; Chapter - 04: Avoiding poor questions; Chapter - 05: Honing your listening skills; Chapter - 06: Preparing to interview; Chapter - 07: Opening the interview; Chapter - 08: Competencies and example interview questions; Chapter - 09: Discussing money; Chapter - 10: Wrapping up the interview; Chapter - 11: Rating candidates and making a decision; Chapter - 12: Evaluating and improving the interview process; Chapter - 13: Creating useful interview documents; Chapter - 14: Final words


“Dr Yeung’s book walks you through the minefield of interviewing and selection. By following his rigorously researched path, you will be equipped to select the best candidate for the job. An invaluable read!” Nicola Forristal, Human Resources Director, Bartle Bogle Hegarty “Packed with practical suggestions on how to prepare for and conduct structured interviews. A must-read for all executives who want to enhance their interviewing skills.” John Curricat, Talent Assessment Manager, HSBC “Written with clarity and insightfulness, Dr Yeung’s book provides practical examples of how to get the best out of every interview, whatever your level or experience. This book has fast become my interviewing bible.” Carol-Ann White, HR Director at LEWIS Public Relations “This book is, quite simply, the interviewer’s bible. From killer questions to foolproof methods for choosing the right candidates, this book has it all.” David Thompson, Executive Director, People & Organisational Development, ABN AMRO & Author of Career Helium.
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