The Spirit of Cricket

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Mai 2010



From the early days of Test cricket to the immortalized handshake offered by Andrew Flintoff to Brett Lee in the Ashes series 2005, cricket has a history of extraordinary moments that embody everything that sets the game apart from any other." The Spirit of Cricket" remembers some of the outstanding performances, captivating matches, and remarkable incidents that represent the glory of the sport. Each entry gives the background to the match or moment, profiles of the key players involved, and comment from legendary cricketing names. Many of the entries themselves will be chosen by star cricketers, umpires, journalists, and commentators--each choosing something that symbolizes the spirit of cricket for them.


Rob Smyth is an experienced cricket journalist who writes for The Guardian, Wisden Cricketer, The Economist and many other newspapers and magazines. The Spirit of Cricket is his first book.


'A warming read, littered with the wit and knowledge that make Smyth such a magnetic writer.' 'Smyth's love of the game shines out from every page.' The Irish Times 'his book combines an encyclopaedic knowledge of cricket matches, anecdotes and facts with delicious turns of phrase.' The Guardian
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