Approaching Ecosystem Management

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The U.S. Forest Service adopted ecosystem management as its official forest management approach in 1992, and required that ecosystem management be incorporated into all its forest management plans. This study analyzes the efforts of the Forest Service to do this. The analysis shows that although there are inconsistencies throughout the Forest Service and even throughout the forest plans themselves, there is a general historical trend reflecting increasing levels of inclusion of ecosystem management. There are several challenges that the agency faces if it remains committed to sustainable ecosystem-based management. In the broadest sense, this study looks at paradigm change in environmental policy and public administration, analyzing the extent to which a new way of environmental thinking is adopted by a governmental natural resources management agency. If fully adopted and implemented, ecosystem management is a promising tool for enhancing ecosocial sustainability and environmental democracy.


Ríobart É. Breen, SFO earned a Ph.D. in environmental policy and administration from Northern Arizona University. He is assistant professor of Environmental Studies and Political Science at Siena College in upstate New York, where he teaches environmental politics, policy and administration, and is director of the Franciscan Ecology Center.
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