Now You Know Zire

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Juni 2004



Now You Know Zire is loaded with practical and fresh ideas for people who love their Zire'31 or Zire'72 handheld and want to be sure they're using all of its features. As portable as the handhelds it covers, the book fits handily in your pocket and features lay-flat binding for using right next to your Zire. Open this book to any full-color page and you'll find a time-saving idea you can begin using in five minutes, or read through the chapters one by one and learn how to better manage your time, contacts, music, photos, and a whole lot more. Now You Know Zire shows you how to do all that with hundreds of tricks straight from the get-organized team at palmOne'Press.


Rick Overton and Frank Marquardt are former editors of PC Magazine. They and the editor, Dave Hayward, run the prestigious Overton Hayward Group based in Boise, Idaho, which specializes in creating plain-English versions of corporate user programs.

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Untertitel: The Portable Companion for palmOne Zire 31 and 72 Handhelds. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Peach Pit
Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 2004
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