Mexico One Plate at a Time

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Published in conjunction with Bayless's 26-part cooking series of the same name, "Mexico One Plate at a Time" is the author's most user-friendly cookbook yet. America's foremost authority on Mexican cooking focuses on classic Mexican dishes in more than 120 recipes that offer an unparalleled introduction to an ever-popular and adaptable cuisine. 32 pages of color photos; 120 black-and-white photos. (Global Cuisine)


Rick Bayless has won our country's highest chef honors (James Beard Foundation's National Chef of the Year). He's also won our highest cookbook award for " Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen" (Julia Child/IACP Cookbook of the Year). His other cookbooks include "Authentic Mexican" and "Salsas That Cook." His famed Chicago restaurants, Frontera Grill and Topolobampo, have both won many awards, including the coveted Ivy Award. He lives in Chicago with his wife, Deann, and their daughter, Lane.


Emeril Lagasse Rick Bayless's passion and thorough knowledge of authentic Mexican food has truly changed our minds and our palates! Great food!
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