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This book provides an overview of the origins of the Apollo program and descriptions of the ground facilities, launch vehicles and spacecraft that were developed in the quest to reach - and return from - the surface of the moon. It will serve as an invaluable single-volume sourcebook for space enthusiasts, space historians, journalists, and others. The text includes a comprehensive collection of tables listing facts and figures for each mission.


Saturn I: Development program 1961-1965.- AS-201: The first flight of the Saturn IB: a CSM on a ballistic arc 26 February 1966.- AS-203: The second flight of the Saturn IB: evaluating the S-IVB 5 July 1966.- AS-202: The third flight of the Saturn IB: testing the CM heat shield 25 August 1966.- Apollo 1: Cabin fire 27 January 1967.- Apollo 4: The first test of the Saturn V 9 November 1967.- Apollo 5: Unmanned test of the LM 22 January 1968.- Apollo 6: The second test of the Saturn V 4 April 1968.- Apollo 7: The first manned mission: testing the CSM in Earth orbit 11-22 October 1968.- Apollo 8: The second manned mission: testing the CSM in lunar orbit 21-27 December 1968.- Apollo 9: The third manned mission: testing the LM in Earth orbit 3-13 March 1969.- Apollo 10: The fourth manned mission: testing the LM in lunar orbit 18-26 May 1969.- Apollo 11: The fifth manned mission: the first lunar landing 16-24 July 1969.- Apollo 12: The sixth manned mission: the second lunar landing 14-24 November 1969.- Apollo 13: The seventh manned mission: in-flight abort 11-17 April 1970.- Apollo 14: The eighth manned mission: the third lunar landing 31 January-9 February 1971.- Apollo 15: The ninth manned mission: the fourth lunar landing 26 July-7 August 1971.- Apollo 16: The tenth manned mission: the fifth lunar landing 16-27 April 1972.- Apollo 17: The eleventh manned mission: the sixth lunar landing 7-19 December 1972.


Richard Orloff is a historian of the Apollo program who, in 2000, compiled a review of the Apollo missions, supplemented by a comprehensive tabular statistical reference. This was published by NASA and is now out of print. David Harland is also a space historian who has studied and written extensively about the Apollo program.


From the reviews:
"This book, being a source book, sets out the facts of the Apollo program. ... At the end of each chapter, text provides conclusions and objectives that demonstrate the value added. As well, chapters finish with a brief selection of relevant black and white photographs. From these, the reader has an excellent ready referral to each of the Apollo missions. ... This book is ideal for readers who want a ready reference on the events and timelines of the Apollo missions." (Mark Mortimer,, January, 2007)
"This massive 663-page book is an invaluable record of the exact times of all the significant events in the Apollo programme ... . A unique feature is that the specific objectives for each flight are carefully listed, with a record of whether or not each was achieved. ... historians will get value for money." (Reglnald Turnhill, Astronomy Now, January, 2007)
"Apollo: The Definitive Sourcebook is designed to provide a comprehensive reference for facts about Apollo. ... the authors turned to original documents, some of which were previously unavailable to the public. This book provides a complete overview of the entire Apollo program including its origins, a detailed narrative about individual missions, tables listing facts and figures for each mission, and a comprehensive statistical reference of the program." (Quest, Vol. 13 (3), 2006)
"A sort of trainspotter's guide to the Apollo missions, this very useful book brings together extensive facts and figures for each mission ... . This truly is the best reference work on Apollo that's been published to date, and no library of books on Apollo can be complete without this book. It is unreservedly recommended!" (David Maclennan, Liftoff, Issue 238, 2007)
"For those of you with a keen interest in the Apollo Project, this book provides all the facts and figures you could want in one place. ... each flight is fully covered and has a set of tables that really do include just about everything you could possibly want to know about that mission from pre-launch through to recovery. So, if you are interested in the details that go beyond the scope of many books about the Moon landings, this is the volume for you." (M. J. Bowyer, Amazon, October, 2009)
"I have read a number of books on this subject but have never come across one which has such depth of information, facts and figures. ... Each of the missions is covered on it time line basis in incredible and often fascinating detail ... . If you have an interest in Man's Greatest endeavour this reference book is an amazing read, its title as 'the definitive source book' is well earned." (W. Pete, Amazon, November, 2010)
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