Natural Rights Theories

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Juli 1981



The origins of natural rights theories in medieval Europe and their development in the seventeenth century.


Preface; Introduction; 1. The first rights theory; 2. The Renaissance; 3. Hugo Grotius; 4. John Selden; 5. Selden's followers; 6. Thomas Hobbes; 7. The radical theory; 8. The recovery and repudiation of Grotius; Conclusion; Index.


' ... Dr Tuck has provided philosophers with a mine of historical material with which they can enrich their discussions not only of Hobbes and Locke (say) but also of contemporary philosophers such as Nozick. He has also provided historians with an example of a history of ideas which is firmly rooted in documentary evidence.' R. S. Downie, The Times Higher Education Supplement 'In historical range and intellectual suppleness, this is an enormously gifted book.' John Dunn, The London Review of Books 'A book which gives important new information and at the same time stimulates philosophical reflections is clearly a valuable contribution to intellectual history.' D. D. Raphael, The Times Literary Supplement
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