Sex and Conquest: Gender Construction and Political Order During the European Conquest of the Americas

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November 1995



aeo The first in depth study of American sexuality at the time of the conquest of the Americas. aeo Sheds new light on conventional ways of examining the sexual relations, mainly between males, encountered by the Spaniards and Portugese entering the Americas during the Conquests.


List of Illustrations. Introduction. 1. Backgrounds. 2. Iberian Experiences. 3. The Military and Diplomatic Berdache. 4. The Domestic Berdache: Becoming. 5. The Religious Berdache. 6. On the Ground. 7. Attitudes and Assessments. 8. Yesterday and Today. Notes. Bibliography. Index.


Richard C. Trexler is Professor of History, State University of New York at Binghamton.


"An absolutely fascinating book on male sexual culture in Europe and the Americas during the Conquest which will shock and take onea s breath away." Ramon Gutierrez, University of California, San Diego "Sex and Conquest is a persuasive tour de force of deserted histories." Gerald Vizenor, University of California, Berkeley "In its exposure of the links between sexual abuse of boys and the sexualized subordination of women, Sex and Conquest offers a rare insight into gender inequality. Richard Trexlera s analysis of male dominance in sacred and secular hierarchies offers evidence and depth, as well as sweep and vision." Catherine A. MacKinnon "His brutally unromantic conclusions are sure to provoke much--needed debate." Eugene Rice, Columbia University "Readable and informative, Trexlera s book undeniably brings new complexity to conventional understandings of conquest." History
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