The Foundations of Cardiac Pacing, Part I: An Illustrated Practical Guide to Basic Pacing

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Mai 1993



Fundamental and practical guide for physicians, technicians and nurses. Text covers overview of single chamber pacing from basic electrophysiology to post-implantation treatment.


Preface Richard O. Russell 1. Introduction 2. Basic Electrophysiology 3. Clinical Electrophysiology 4. What Is A Pacemaker? 5. Hemodynamics and Pacing 6. Clinical Presentation of Conduction Defects and Indications for Pacing 7. Pacemaker Selection 8. Temporary Pacing 9. Techniques of Implantation 10. Clinical Results of Pacing 11. Pacemaker Clinic 12. Troubleshooting 13. Pacing in the Health Care System 14. The Future of Cardiac Pacing Appendix 1. The History of Cardiac Pacing Appendix 2. NASPE/BPEG Generic Pacemaker Code Appendix 3. Commonly Used Guidelines for Permanent Cardiac Pacemaker Implantation


"This book is far more than a primer. It is elegantly pictured and the enjoyable text is interwoven with illustrative examples. I can recommend it!"From the Preface by Richard O. Russell, Jr., MD
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