Festive Drama: Papers from the Sixth Triennial Colloquium of the International Society for the Study of Medieval Theatre, Lancaster,

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Essays on festive drama -- plays, pageantry and traditional ceremonies --of the European middle ages, with comparative material.


Some approaches to dramatic festivity, especially processions, Meg Twycross; Households and fraternities: festive drama at Christmas in aristocratic households, Peter H. Greenfield; Christmas at the inns of court, Olga Horner; rituals of exclusion - feasts and plays of the English religious fraternities, Sheila Lindenbaum; festive profit and ideological production - "Le Jeu de Saint Nicolas", Claire Sponsler. Religious processions and plays: Palm Sunday prophets, Mary Erler; masks in the medieval penninsula theatre, Ronald E. Surtz; Holy Week performances of the passion in Spain - connections with medieval European drama, Rafael Portillo and Manuel J. Gomez Lara; the festa d'elx - civic devotion, display and identity, Pamela M. King; The Auto Da Fe as medival drama. Secular processions and shows: forms and their uses - the Antwerp Ommegangen 1550-1700, John Cartwright; Chester's Midsummer show - creation and adaption; The Wells show of 1607, James Stokes. Shrovetide and carnival - farce and fastnachtspeil: the bishop of fools and his feasts in Lille, Alan E. Knight; battles and bottles - Shrovetide performances in the low countries c1350-c1550, Marjoke de Roos; why a peasant is taught how to "shoot": - rhetoricians, militiamen and a late medieval Dutch farce, Femke Kramer; mankind - and English Fastnachtspeil?, Tom Pettitt; two carnival plays from late-medieval Denmark, Leif Sondergaard; analyzing French farce and Dutch pre-Renaissance comic drama; Wim Husken; Fastnachtspeil et recit bref - L'Interference de deux genres litteraires en Allemagne aux 15e et 16e siecles, Jean-Marc Pastre. Folk customs and characters: Hocktide - a reasessment of a popular pre-reformation drama, Sally-Beth MacLean; "Slawpase from the Myln-Whele" - seeing between the lines, Malcolm Jones; the medieval English and French Shepherd's plays, Christine Richardson; The old Czech apothecary as clown and symbol, Jarmilla F. Veltrusky. Epilogue: carnival's end - puritan ideology and the decline of English provincial theatre, John Coldewey.


A wide variety of critical approaches...focus on the plays and entertainments written for and performed on festive occasions in Spain, England, and northern continental Europe generally from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries. Twycross's volume weaves a rich tapestry of life during the late middle ages and Renaissance (and) makes a valuable contribution to the study of drama and society in these periods. REVIEW OF ENGLISH STUDIES
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