Enumerative Combinatorics: Volume 2

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An introduction, suitable for beginning graduate students, showing connections to other areas of mathematics.


5. Composition of generating functions; 6. Algebraic, D-finite, and noncommutative generating functions; 7. Symmetric functions; Appendix Sergey Fomin.


'This magnificent two-volume work is best described by a quote from Gian-Carlo Rota's Forward to Volume 2: I find it impossible to predict when Richard Stanley's two-volume exposition of combinatorics may be superseded. No one will dare try, let alone be able, to match the thoroughness of coverage, the care for detail, the definitiveness of proof, the elegance of presentation.' J. E. Graver 'As a researcher, Stanley has few peers in combinatorics; as at once, to pack every page with information, connect with the reader's intuition, and communicate the underlying, unifying philosophy of the subject.' D. V. Feldman, University of New Hampshire 'What else is to be added to our comments on this excellent book? Perhaps a quotation from G.-C. Rota's foreword: 'Every once in a long while, a textbook worthy of the name comes along ... Weber, Bertini, van der Waerden, Feller, Dunford and Schwartz, Ahlfors, Stanley.' European Mathematical Society '... an authoritative account of enumerative combinatorics.' George E. Andrews, Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 'What else can be added to the comments upon this excellent book?' EMS Newsletter
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