Rethink Universal Primary Education (UPE)Implementation in Uganda

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Dezember 2011



Although this work was produced as part of my academic requirements for the award of an MA in International Educational Management Degree of the University of Leeds, it is an important source of reference for researchers in the field of educational planning and management, practitioners of educational planning and management, politicians and policy makers with specific regard to educational management improvement. It brings out new insights and areas of comparison and learning between rural-based and urban-based schools in the operationalisation of Universal Primary Education in Uganda. Lessons can also be drawn from this comparative case study in Uganda for the management of other public educational institutions both in the developing and developed worlds. This critical study also raises vital new issues in the management of Universal Primary Education (UPE) which can be further investigated to inform practice, policy and subsequent research.


Richard Ouma is a native of the current Namayingo District of Eastern Uganda. He holds an MA degree in International Educational Management (University of Leeds, BA with Education degree(Makerere University), PGD in Project Management (Uganda Management Institute)and PGD in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Uganda Martyrs University)
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