Plant Disease Control: Towards Environmentally Acceptable Methods

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Mai 1993



Plant disease is one of the greatest causes of economic losses of crops throughout the world. Every year, billions of dollars are spent on chemical control measures, but there is an increasing awareness that alternatives to these chemical control measures may be becoming more viable. This work explores the international impact of plant disease on man and how this is measured and diagnosed, discusses epidemiology and the genetics of host-parasite relations and looks at the range of defensive tactics currently available and those under development, in particular those which are more environmentally acceptable than many in widespread use now.


The impact of plant disease on man; organisms that cause plant disease - their detection, identification and proof of their role as pathogens; epidemiology; the measurement of plant disease and its effect on crop yields; implications of parasite identity, disease measurement and epidemiology for control measures; the genetics of host-parasite interaction; prepenetration and penetration; toxins; constitutive barriers to infection; induced resistance; symptom expression; exploiting knowledge of the genetics and biochemistry of host-parasite interaction in order to control disease.
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