GSM SuperPhones: Technologies and Services

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Oktober 1998



Fast becoming the world's standard, GSM is poised to dominate the presently murky, multi-standard soup of the U.S. digital wireless telecommunications market. With "superphone" linkability to other digital devices, GSM offers not only seamless cross-border solutions, but also a new cornucopia of consumer services. This first applications-oriented guideNlong on examples and low on math, exposes both the technology and the business sides of this important telecom phenom. Packed with lists of equipment suppliers and other key data, and written by two of the world's premier experts, this book is a must-have for anyone with a bet on the telecom game.


Introduction to GSM.

Wireless Applications.

GSM Technology.

GSM Mobile Stations.

GSM Networks.

GSM Testing.

Marketing and Economics.

Mobile Station Features.

System Features and Services.

GSM Superphones.

Future Developoments for GSM.

Appendices: I: GSM Standards.

II: GSM World Systems.


Lawrence Harte is president of APDG, a telecommunications consulting firm. He was an editor of the TIA TR45.3 digital cellular standard, and has written over 75 articles on telecommunications. He is based in Fuquay, North Carolina. Richard Levine is professor of cellular and PCS technology at Southern Methodist University and a telecommunications consultant to firms developing PCS systems. He is a former chair of the North American digital standards committee of the Telecommunications Industry Association.
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