Confessions of a Hollywood Director

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Richard Bare is primarily known as the sole director of the television series Green Acres, but his Hollywood career spanned over 40 years, starting with his USC student film, So You Want to Give Up Smoking, which resulted in a long-term contract at Warner Bros. He has directed over a dozen feature films and over 400 television shows, including Maverick, 77 Sunset Strip, The Virginian, and the Twilight Zone. Follow Bare through his many years in the film industry, which brought him into contact with Hollywood's biggest stars, like Gary Cooper, Betty Hutton, Debbie Reynolds, Eva Gabor, Eddie Albert, and Charlie Chaplin, as well as producers Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Walt Disney. Bare opens with a gripping story of how he and the crew of MGM's The Islanders almost lost their lives in a devastating plane crash in the Caribbean Sea. Includes filmography.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Chapter One Chapter 3 Chapter Two Chapter 4 Chapter Three Chapter 5 Chapter Four Chapter 6 Chapter Five Chapter 7 Chapter Six Chapter 8 Chapter Seven Chapter 9 Chapter Eight Chapter 10 Chapter Nine Chapter 11 Chapter Ten Chapter 12 Chapter Eleven Chapter 13 Chapter Twelve Chapter 14 Chapter Thirteen Chapter 15 Chapter Fourteen Chapter 16 Chapter Fifteen Chapter 17 Chapter Sixteen Chapter 18 Chapter Seventeen Chapter 19 Chapter Eighteen Chapter 20 Chapter Nineteen Chapter 21 Chapter Twenty Chapter 22 Chapter Twenty-One Chapter 23 Chapter Twenty-Two Chapter 24 Chapter Twenty-Three Chapter 25 Chapter Twenty-Four Chapter 26 Chapter Twenty-Five Chapter 27 Chapter Twenty-Six Chapter 28 Chapter Twenty-Seven Chapter 29 Chapter Twenty-Eight Chapter 30 Chapter Twenty-Nine Chapter 31 Chapter Thirty Chapter 32 Chapter Thirty-One Chapter 33 Chapter Thirty-Two Chapter 34 Chapter Thirty-Three Chapter 35 Chapter Thirty-Four Chapter 36 Chapter Thirty-Five Chapter 37 Chapter Thirty-Six Chapter 38 Chapter Thirty-Seven Chapter 39 Filmography, compiled by Jerry Roberts


Richard Bare, the award-winning Hollywood director, lives in Newport Beach, California.


The day I met Richard Bare changed my life. -- James Garner [A] useful addition to the always excellent and informative Scarecrow Filmmakers series, which has done much to preserve the memories of the veterans of the cinematic community. Historical Journal Of Film, Radio, & Television Dick Bare is not only a highly skilled director but is also an articulate spokesperson for his fellow directors. -- Robert Wise, Former President Directors Guild of America
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