The Sociological Revolution: From the Enlightenment to the Global Age

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Oktober 1998



By controversially turning away from the current debates which surround social theory, this book provides an historical analysis of the profound burden of sociology and its implications today.


"Kilminster's study is a bold foray into the world of sociological theory....the author is decidedly well versed in his subject matter and communicates with considerable precision and clarity. The book deserves wide attention for its revitalization of the sociology of knowledge perspective."
-P. Nye, "Social and Behavioral Sciences
"Kilminster's work is insightful, scholarly and profound.."
-Dennis Smith, The Sociological Review
..."the long-awaited product of one of the best minds in British sociology. Brilliant in its argument and lucid in style, it will prove a milestone in the emancipation of sociology from the hegemony of philosophers and philosophical modes of thought."
-Stephen Mennell, University College Dublin
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