North American Indian Music

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The first comprehensive annotated bibliography of North American Indian music available, including 1,497 items dating from 1535 to 1995. The guide gathers information from the fields of anthropology, folklore, ethnomusicology, and dance, covering sources that include scholarly articles, books, bibl


"Single most comprehensive historical document on the subject to date. The opening fifty-page essay is the best introduction to North American Native ethnomusicological study ever written, is well worth the price of the book, and should be required reading for any student of the history of ethnomusicology in North America. The field of ethnomusicology is enriched by Keeling's work."
"Those who study and teach musics of North American and Eskimo Indians will be happy to hear of this new addition to the small number of published bibliographies on the subject. Easy to use."
"An extremely useful volume that should be part of the collection for anyone seeking information on the music of North American Indians."
-American Indian Libraries Newsletter
"The only comprehensive annotated bibliography on this subject published to date.... Impressive.... [I]ncorporates the primary virtues of a first-class reference work. It is authoritative, clear, and comprehensive. The book works. It will be of great value to both the knowledgeable and uninitiated. Highly recommended for all college and research collections."
-Music Reference Services Quarterly
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