The Recovery of Doctrine in the Contemporary Church

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Dezember 2001



Doctrine has not fared well in the church of the past century. Pressured by the forces of modernity, doctrine has been misconceived and marginalized in the church. In this book, Richard Heyduck examines the false options on doctrine that modernity has offered the church, especially his own tradition, United Methodism, and suggests ways to get beyond this impasse. Utilizing some resources of postmodern philosophy, Heyduck argues that doctrine is neither a catalog of troths to which assent must be given nor an accidental verbalization of universal religious experience. Instead, Christian doctrine is that which enables the church to live faithfully in the drama of God's ongoing action in history. Throughout the book, Heyduck argues forcefully that doctrine is not optional for any Christian church. Rather, doctrine is essential not only to Christians' ordinary life together, but especially to the work of ministry and evangelism.


RICHARD HEYDUCK is a graduate of Southwestern University (B.A.), Asbury Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and Fuller Theological Seminary (Ph.D.). An ordained elder and member of the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, Heyduck currently serves as associate pastor of Westbury United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.


"At long last we are now getting the kind of serious discussion about doctrine within mainline Christianity that is long overdue." - William J. Abraham, Southern Methodist University

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