Green Imperialism: Colonial Expansion, Tropical Island Edens and the Origins of Environmentalism, 1600 1860

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April 2003



The first book to document the origins and early history of environmentalism, especially its colonial and global aspects.


List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Edens, islands and early empires; 2. Indigenous knowledge and the significance of South-West India for Portuguese and Dutch constructions of tropical nature; 3. The English and Dutch East India companies and the seventeenth-century environmental crisis in the colonies; 4. Stephen Hales and some Newtonian antecedents of climatic environmentalism, 1700-1763; 5. Protecting the climate of paradise: Pierre Poivre and the conservation of Mauritius under the ancien regime; 6. Climate, conservation and Carib resistance: the British and the forests of the Eastern Caribbean, 1760-1800; 7. The beginnings of global environmentalism: professional science, oceanic islands and the East India Company, 1768-1838; 8. Diagnosing crisis: the East India Company medical services and the emergence of state conservationism in India, 1760-1857; Conclusion: the colonial state and the origins of western environmentalism; Select bibliography, Index.


'Green Imperialism is a succinct yet richly nuanced study of the genealogy of European environmentalism ...'. Economic History Review
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