Desperate Hours: The Epic Rescue of the Andrea Doria

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In the tradition of Walter Lords A Night to Remember, a dramatic moment-by-moment account of the greatest peacetime sea rescue in history Advance Praise for Desperate Hours "A stupendous feat of reportage. Goldstein has virtually put us into lifeboats and sent us hurtling into the North Atlantic on the night of July 25, 1956." -- Ron Powers, cowriter, Flags of Our Fathers, and author of Dangerous Water and Tom and Huck Dont Live Here Anymore "Riveting. A vivid reconstruction of the chain of small events leading to a disaster and its impact on a rich cast of characters from a vanished era." -- Neil Hanson, author of The Custom of the Sea


Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I: THE VOYAGE 1. "Brace Yourself". 2. "A Floating Art Gallery". 3. "Take the Doria, You'll Never Forget It". 4. "A Picture of Scandinavian Efficiency". 5. "The Times Square of the Atlantic". 6. "Each Shall Alter Her Course to Starboard". PART II: THE COLLISION. 7. "Why Doesn't He Whistle?" 8. "I Think We Hit an Iceberg". 9. "Don't Worry, There's Nothing Wrong". 10. "Need Immediate Assistance". PART III: THE RESCUE. 11. "This Is No Drill". 12. "How Many Lifeboats?" 13. "We Are Bending Too Much". 14. "Let's Pray to St. Ann". 15. "We Won't Leave You". 16. "Lady, You're Lucky to Be Alive". 17. "Light Up Everything, Quickly". 18. "You Have to Have Courage". 19. "Get Your Cameras". 20. "Bulletin ... Bulletin ... Bulletin". 21. "You May Go, I'm Staying". 22. "Seaworthiness Nil". 23. "That Thing's Going Down in Five Minutes". 24. "It Is Incomprehensible". 25. "How Good God Is to Me". 26. "Oh, What a Climax". 27. "It's My Baby". 28. "I Lost My Love for Italians". 29. "This Is a Jumbled Story". PART IV: THE QUESTIONS. 30. "The Passengers Were Highly Excitable". 31. "It Could Have Been a Patch of Fog". 32. "The Stability of the Ship Was Low". 33. "I Could Have Changed Course". PART V: THE MEMORIES. 34. "Why Did I Get Spared?" 35. "The Poor Man Was Destroyed". PART VI: THE SHIPWRECK. 36. "It's Got the Mystique". Appendix. Sources. Index.


RICHARD GOLDSTEIN is an editor and writer for the New York Times, where he has worked since 1980. He is the author of America at D-Day and Mine Eyes Have Seen: A First-Person History of the Events That Shaped America, which was an alternate selection of the Literary Guild. He lives in White Plains, New York.


"A compelling and definitive account... Desperate Hours reveals why the allure of the Doria continues to attract and fascinate even now, almost 50 years later." (The Boating Channel, Goldstein focuses on the stories of the people, with just enough attention to the technical issues and the various legal battles to round out the account... Following the story from ship to ship, deck to deck, he clearly dissects the rescue of the passengers and crew." (Library Journal, October 15, 2001) "[J]ournalist Goldstein (Mine Eyes Have Seen, 1997) offers the definitive history of the Doria's sinking and the rescue of 1,700 people." (Kirkus Reviews, September 1, 2001) "...provides an interesting insight into how people react when faced with a catastrophe at sea..." (Lloyd's List, 11 January 2002) "..perfectly readable and..engaging (The Mail on Sunday, 3 February 2002)
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