The Perfect...Food Notes and Recipes

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April 2008



Richard Ehrlich's The Perfect...column every Saturday in The Weekend Guardian has become compulsive reading for food lovers and cooks everywhere. His amusing jottings have covered every subject from A-Z - Asparagus to Zucchini. Each week he tackles a subject that vexes, troubles or challenges those who like to spend creative time in the kitchen rather than just turning on the oven to warm through a take-away. This collection of over 100 of his articles will delight all those who are fed up clipping the supplement each weekend and then losing them down the back of the worktop or for all those who only want a lasting copy of the 30-minute Chicken Casserole! This book is going to be the 'must-have' personal treat or perfect gift for every right thinking cook in the land this year.


Richard Ehrlich is a Glenfiddich award-winning journalist who writes weekly on both food and wine for the Guardian and the Independent.

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