The Competitive Intelligence Handbook

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Provides an overview of competitive intelligence practices and gives extensive guidance on where to learn more.


Chapter 1 An overview of competitive intelligence Chapter 2 Axioms of competitive intelligence Chapter 3 Public information Chapter 4 The international background of CI Chapter 5 Competitive intelligence books Chapter 6 What the books say Chapter 7 Finding the clues online Chapter 8 Going online for Japanese information Chapter 9 Going online for European information Chapter 10 Interviewing Chapter 11 Key resources in industry information Chapter 12 International business Chapter 13 Industry analysis and issues studies Chapter 14 A case study in public document access Chapter 15 Due diligence Chapter 16 Some final thoughts


Both authors have long experience in working with information. Richard E. Combs has headed several major public libraries, including Newport, RI; Northbrook, IL; Gary, IN; and the Chicago Public Library's Cultural Center. He is the author of an award-winning reference/research book. John D. Moorhead has been a business reporter for The Christian Science Monitor and was an air intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy earlier in his career. Together they operate CombsMoorhead Associates, Inc., a business research company in Chicago.


ibliographic citations are clear and complete...A chapter on interviewing will be useful...Large public and academic libraries or business libraries will want to add he Competitive Intelligence Handbook to their circulating collections. Booklist ...a nice mix of theoretical and practical information. The Information Advisor For a wide range of users... Reference and Research Book News excellent introduction and overview...the best bibliography on CI currently available...a good job of highlighting specific databases and vendors...a strong chapter on interviewing...will make a fine [textbook]...Information brokers, librarians, and business researchers all will find this book enjoyable and easy to read...strongly recommended. Glenn Hoetker, Business Information Alert ...Both of these professionals have considerable skill in explaining complex subjects clearly... Stephen E. Arnold, Database excellent introduction and overview...the best annotated bibliography on CI currently available...While not written as a textbook, this book will make a fine one...strongly recommended. Glenn Hoetker, Business Information Alert ...useful introductions to competitive intelligence . Electric Perspectives
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