Criminal Justice in America: Theory, Practice, and Policy

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Januar 2003



For introductory courses in Criminal Justice and Social Issues in Criminal Justice.
This anthology of original primary source materials exposes students to the major components of the American justice system. It introduces new ideas and approaches that strive to improve the current justice system toward a more effective and efficient whole by expanding the envelope of possibilities, rather than perpetuating the status quo.


I. CRIMINAL JUSTICE IN AMERICA. 1. What is the Sequence of Events in the Criminal Justice System? Report to the Nation on Crime and Justice. 2. The Rediscovery of Crime Victims-Andrew Karmen. 3. Choosing Crime: Close Your Eyes and Take Your Chances-Kenneth H. Tunnell. 4. African American Males in the Criminal Justice System-Jerome G. Miller. 5. Looking Backward to Look Forward: The 1967 Crime Commission Report in Retrospect-Mark Moore. II. LAW ENFORCEMENT. 6. The Development of the American Police: An Historical Overview-Craig D. Uchida. 7. A Sketch of the Police Officer's "Working Personality"-Jerome Skolnick. 8. The Dark Side of the Force-John Dorschner. 9. Police and Communities: The Quiet Revolution-George L. Kelling. 10. The Future of Diversity in America: The Law Enforcement Paradigm Shift-Charles M. Bozza. III. THE COURTS. 11. Two Models of the Criminal Process-Herbert L. Packer. 12. Fighting Crime in a Crumbling System-Steven Brill. 13. Adversarial Justice-Abraham S. Blumberg. 14. Guilty Until Proved Innocent: Wrongful Conviction and Public Policy-C. Ronald Huff, Arye Rattner and Edward Sagarin. 15. Priority Prosecution of High-Rate Dangerous Offenders-Marcia R. Chaiken and Jan M. Chaiken. IV. CORRECTIONS. 16. In Support of Prisons-Richard A. Wright. 17. Abolishing Prisons-Harold E. Pepinski. 18. Cons and Country Clubs: The Mythical Utility of Punishment-Victor E. Kappeler, Mark Blumberg, and Gary W. Potter. 19. Treatment Needs of Women in Prison-Barbara Zaitzow. 20. The Greatest Correctional Myth: Winning the War on Crime through Incarceration-Joseph W. Rogers. V. JUVENILE JUSTICE. 21. Juvenile Justice Philosophy and the Demise of Parens Patriae-Ralph A. Weisheit and Diane M. Alexander. 22. The Forgotten Few: Juvenile Female Offenders-Ilene R. Bergsmann. 23. The Saints and the Roughnecks-William J. Chambliss. 24. Punishment, Accountability, and the New Juvenile Justice-Martha-Elin Blomquist and Martin L. Forst. VI. CURRENT ISSUES AND POLICY. 25. The Social Construction of Crime Myths-Victor Kappeler, Mark Blumberg and Gary Potter. 26. Restorative Justice and Offender Rehabilitation: A Meeting of the Minds-Anne H. Crowe. 27. A Policy Maker's Guide to Controlling Delinquency and Crime through Family Interventions-Karen E. Wright and Kevin N. Wright. 28. Confronting Crime: Looking toward the Twenty-First Century-Elliott Currie. Glossary of Key Terms.
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