America Embattled

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Dezember 2002



A response to the terrorist attacks of September 11th, this work examines acts of terrorism in contemporary and historical contexts, analyzing the reasons for such violent hatred on the United States and the significant impact the attacks have had on the nation's self-image and sense of security.
Each chapter focuses on a different perspective from which to view the terrorist attacks including-American foreign policy, Anti-Americanism, post-Cold War politics and Islamic fundamentalism.


Preface Introduction September 11th 2001 1. How America Views the World: Historical Perspectives; America and the world: The Perceptual Gap; Patterns in the past; The question of Isolation; Expansion and Growth; An American Empire?; A Democratic Republic?; Government and the People or Government v the People? 2. How the World Views America: The Roots of Anti-Americanism; A Very British Story; The Meanings of Anti-Americanism; Americanism and Nationalism; Americanization and Anti-Americanism; (1) Europe (2) Latin America (3) India (4) The Muslim World Conclusion 3. Roots of Terror: Islam, Middle East and the United States; The Rise of Political Islam Arab-Israeli Conflict; The Middle East and the American Connection; The Crucible of Terrorism: War in Afghanistan, 1979-88, and its aftermath; Conclusion 4. The Limits of Governance: Globalization, Terrorism and the Transformation of International Politics since 1989; The Shock of the New; The End of the Cold War and its Consequesnces: Ideas of Order and Disorder; Globalization and its Limits; Elements of Instability; Governance and its Limits 5. George W. Bush: Responding to Terror; The Office and the Man; Bush in Relation to his Predecessors; September 11 and the War in Afghanistan; The Politics of the Coelition; Complications in the War Against Terrorism: (1) Conducts of the War (2) Moral and Legal issues (3) Paledtianain-Israeli Conflict (4) Extansion of War to Iraq; The War on Terrosim and the Nature of American Foreign Policy Conclusions


"America Embattled is a thoughtful and highly readable treatment of the key issues raised by the September 11 terrorist attacks. It is sure to find a useful place in discussions of this topics in the classroom and beyond.."-Benjamin O. Fordham, University at Albany, SUNY
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