Perverse Romanticism: Aesthetics and Sexuality in Britain, 1750--1832

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Dezember 2008



Considers how science shaped notions of sexuality, reproduction, and gender in the Romantic period. This title explores the influence of contemporary aesthetics and biology on literary Romanticism. It reveals that ideas of sexuality during the Romantic era were much more fluid and undecided than they are often characterized in the scholarship.


Richard C. Sha is a professor of literature at American University and author of The Visual and Verbal Sketch in British Romanticism.


An impressive display of Sha's masterful grasp of a wide range of scholarly literature, and a provocative thesis that will be of interest to academics in all three fields. -- Katie Gray H-Net Reviews 2009 Sha brings to these topics a keen intelligence buttressed by up-to-the-minute scholarship... He dazzles by the quantity and breadth of his reading and embodies the best interdisciplinary approaches so many scholars tout but rarely incorporate. -- George Rousseau Social History of Medicine 2010 His theoretical insights come together with acute readings and strong historical research. Times Literary Supplement 2010 Richard C. Sha's fine study takes Byron's theme of 'perversion' in a different direction from the ethical, demonstrating how Romantic medical writing about the perverse influenced literary Romanticism... Fascinating book. Byron Journal 2010 Stunningly brilliant and original... a distinguished work that is well worth reading. -- Geraldine Friedman Review of English Studies 2010 Strong scholarship. -- Myron D. Yeager ANQ 2010
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