The American Language of Rights

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August 1999



A study of the importance of the language of rights during three crucial periods in American history.


Introduction; 1. Rights theory and rights practice; 2. History and the development of rights; 3. Rights of the founding; 4. Rights and reconstruction: syntheses and shell games; 5. Rights after World War II; Conclusion: rights and reasons; Bibliography.


"This book is a major contribution to contemporary political theory, of interest to scholars and students in politics and government, constitutional law, and American history." Yale Law Report "This book examines three periods in American history - the late eighteenth century, the Civil War, and the 1950s and 1960s - to demonstrate how the conceptions of rights prevailing during these times grew from reactions to social and political crises. Conceptualizing rights langage as grounded in opposition to concrete social and political practices, Primus explores the potency of rights language throughout American history and the impact of modern totalitarianism on American conceptions of rights." Law and Social Inquiry
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