Polymers at Surfaces and Interfaces

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This final year undergraduate textbook deals with the behaviour of polymers at surfaces and interfaces.


Preface; 1. Introduction and overview; 2. The surface of a simple polymer melt; 3. Experimental techniques; 4. Polymer/polymer interfaces; 5. Adsorption and surface aggregation from polymer solutions and mixtures; 6. Tethered polymer chains in solutions and melts; 7. Adhesion and the mechanical properties of polymer interfaces at the molecular level; 8. Polymers spread at air/liquid interfaces; Index.


'Research in polymer-bearing interfaces has been fueled by the availability of very sensitive experimental tools and by strong industrial interest in nanotechnology and cybernetics. Two of the leading researchers in this very active and significant research area of polymers at interfaces, Richard Jones of the University of Sheffield and Randal Richards of the University of Durham, have summarized the current status of the field in their excellent book, Polymers at Surfaces and Interfaces ... The exciting aspect of this book for me was its clear summary of key experimental tools and theoretical concepts and its excellent analyses of measured data in different situations involving surfaces and interfaces. As an instructor of graduate level courses in polymer physics, I find that this book fills a long-standing void in the area of polymers at interfaces. I recommend this book for graduate students and researchers who would like to learn the fundamentals of macromolecular concepts in the exciting area of polymers at interfaces.' Murugappan Muthukumar, Physics Today 'This book is an excellent introduction into the very complex subject of the interaction of polymers at surfaces and interfaces from a fundamental point of view. It is coherent and comprehensive. this book should be considered a valuable and needed addition to the library of graduate students of macromolecular chemistry and physics and for those actively carrying out research in the field.' Thomas J. Heinze, Polymer News 'The result is a generally readable book that meets these aims and which should be useful to all workers in this field whatever their background. ... I highly recommend it to any Ph.D. students working either theoretically or experimentally with polymers.' Helen E. Hermes, Chemistry in Britain
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