Team Effectiveness and Decision Making in Organizations

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Written for researchers, educators, practitioners, and serious students of the team phenomenon, Team Effectiveness and Decision Making in Organizations provides the latest research perspective on teams: their nature, their function, their effectiveness, their decision-making processes, and their ability to change the face of organizational life.In eleven groundbreaking chapters, the book investigates the internal processes and external factors that affect critical decision making in teams and presents tested models and methods for improving team effectiveness in any organizational context.


1. Introduction: At the Intersection of Team Effectiveness and Decision Making(Richard A. Guzzo) 2. Measuring and Managing for Team Performance: Lessons from Complex Environments(Robert M. Mcintyre, Eduardo Salas) 3. Computer--Assisted Groups: A Critical Review of the Empirical Research(Andrea B. Hollingshead, Joseph E. Mcgrath) 4. Cooperation Theory, Constructive Controversy, and Effectiveness: Learning from Crisis(Dean Tjosvold) 5. Raising an Individual Decision Making Model to the Team Level: A New Research Model and Paradigm(Daniel R. Ilgen, Debra A. Major, John R. Hollenbeck, Douglas J. Sego) 6. Innovations in Modeling and Stimulating Team Performance: Implications for Decision Making(Michael D. Coovert, J. Philip Craiger, Janis A. Cannon--Bowers) 7. Understanding the Dynamics of Diversity in Decision Making Teams(Susan E. Jackson, Karen Ae May, Kristina Whitney) 8. Teamwork Stress Implications for Team Decision Making(Ben B. Morgan, Jr., Clint A. Bowers) 9. Staffing for Effective Group Decision Making: Key Issues in Matching People and Teams(Richard Klimoski, Robert G. S. Jones,) 10. Defining Competencies and Establishing Team Training Requirements,(Janis A. Cannon--Bowers, Scott I. Tannenbaum, Eduardo Salas, Catherine E. Volpe) 11. Conclusion: Common Themes Amongst the Diversity(Richard A. Guzzo)


RICHARD A. GUZZO is professor of psychology and management at the University of Maryland and has served on the faculties of McGill University and New York University. His research concerns the productivity and effectiveness of individuals and teams at work. EDUARDO SALAS is senior research psychologist in the Human Systems Integration Division of the Naval Air Warfare Center. He has coauthored over fifty journal articles and book chapters and has coedited four books.
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