Handbook of Livestock Management

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Juli 2006



For courses in Animal Management.

Now in paperback, Handbook of Livestock Management, Fourth Edition, discusses a wide range of species and topics, showing step-by-step how to perform the skills and techniques essential for those in animal management. Taking a hands-on approach, it reflects the author's authoritative experience and emphasizes how to maintain and maximize an animal's well-being and productivity. Over 800 illustrations, external parts and skeletal drawings, and new photographs offer readers a close look at each species and each livestock management technique. Chapters on cattle, swine, horses, sheep, goats, poultry, livestock restraint and herd health make this a complete handbook for students of animal science, veterinary science and vocational agriculture.


1. Livestock Restraint Techniques 2. Beef Cattle Management Techniques 3. Cattle Management Techniques 4. Dairy Cattle Management Techniques 5. Swine Management Techniques 6. Horse Management Techniques 7. Sheep Management Techniques 8. Goat Management Techniques 9. Poultry Management Techniques 10. Animal Health Management APPENDICES GLOSSARY INDEX
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