A Century of Philadelphia Sports

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An engaging history of sports in the Philadelphia area during the twentieth century.


Foreword Edward G. Rendell Introduction Acknowledgments 1. 1900s Sports Play a Major Role in City Life 2. 1910s Baseball Dominates the City 3. 1920s Big Names Leave Their Marks 4. 1930s Somber Era Had a Bright Side 5. 1940s Pro Football, Pro Basketball Go Big Time 6. 1950s The First Big All-Sports Decade 7. 1960s An Era of Extremes 8. 1970s A Galaxy of Superstars 9. 1930s What a Way to Start 10. 1990s Individual Performances Save the Decade Photograph Credits Index


"Great Reading! The history from 1940 on I remember quite vividly. Rich Westcott has captured what athletics has meant to the Philadelphia area. Fond memories for me of the part I played." --Robin Roberts "As a native and sports oriented Philadelphian, I enjoyed A Century of Philadelphia Sports tremendously. Having read other books by Rich Westcott, it's obvious he is a writer who knows the Philadelphia sport scene going back many years. This book stirred a lot of pleasant memories both from my spectator and playing days." --Paul Arizin What a thrill to be chosen by Rich Westcott as the 'Athlete of the 90s' in Philadelphia's rich sports history." --Jay Sigel "A Century of Philadelphia Sports by Rich Westcott certainly covers the rich tradition of all Philadelphia sports teams. It is very interesting reading for young sports fans and those of us who lived through most of it. It will be tough to put this book down once you start reading it." --Tom Gola "Rich Westcott in A Century of Philadelphia Sports has captured the essence of Philadelphia's superb athletes and its sometimes not so great teams. This decade by decade presentation provides an insight into the heroes of our town and why Philadelphia fans expect greatness, but remain loyal to winners and losers alike." --Cathy Rush "If you like the Mummers, cheese Steaks, Soft Pretzels, and Cherry Soda, you'll enjoy rich Westcott's latest book. If you enjoyed Chuck Bednarik, Tom Gola, Richie Ashburn, Del Ennis, Wilt, and Dr. J, you'll love A Century of Philadelphia Sports as [it] captures the real flavor of the Philly sports scene." --"Uncle" Marty Stern "If you have read and enjoyed The New Phillies Encyclopedia, or Phillies '93: An Incredible Season, or Philadelphia's Old Ballparks, you'll have a ball with A Century of Philadelphia Sports. Rich Westcott wrote all of these--which means they are accurate, well-researched and fun to read." --Bill Campbell "...a tightly written volume in which Westcott brings context to moments that have become part of the sports lore of the last century. It should be a handy reference for years to come. ... What Westcott has is a feel for many games and how they reflect on [Philadelphia]." --Terry Bitman, Philadelphia Inquirer
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