A Guide to Weight Loss Surgery: Professional and Personal Views

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April 2008



A once morbidly obese physician who herself underwent weight loss surgery explains the risks and rewards, the myths and realities of the surgery, which enabled her to drop from a size 20 to a size 8.


RHONDA L. HAMILTON, MD, MPH, is an Instructor of Internal Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a Hospitalist at the Cambridge Health Alliance. She is a consultant/researcher for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Boston Department of Public Health, where she has led studies of obesity, asthma, and teen violence.


"Uniquely positioned to write this book, Hamilton (Harvard Medical School) is a female physician who has undergone successful bariatric surgery. Thus, woven within a framework of empathy and sensitivity is a very current, information-packed must read for anyone in the weight loss field....Hamilton offers widely useful guidelines on topics such as choosing a surgeon and wading through the mysterious insurance approval process. She describes physiological processes in easily understood terms, and fully references up-to-date information....Instead of giving bariatric surgery just a subheading amid the treatment options for obesity, Hamilton has placed it front and center, where--given today's grim weight loss statistics--it certainly belongs. Recommended." - Choice
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