America Votes: Election Returns by State

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Thorough, extensive in scope, and meticulously researched, America Votes includes official, state-certified election returns and key data by county and by district for the House, Senate, and gubernatorial elections for the 2007&BAD:ndash;2008 election cycle. This volume is an essential acquisition for university, school, public, and professional libraries. Updates to this edition include:The historic election of the first African American president of the United StatesThe defeat of Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens amid a felony conviction by Anchorage Mayor Mark BegichFinalized congressional results in the hotly contested states of Georgia, Minnesota, and other selected racesMajor state constitution amendment results including bans on gay marriage in California, Arizona, and Florida


Rhodes Cook is a veteran Washington political analyst and writer, covering presidential and congressional elections as well as voting trends in general. For more than two decades, he was a political reporter on CQ's Weekly magazine. He currently hosts the political website, publishes a bimonthly political newsletter, and since 1996 has been the author of "America Votes" and a series on U.S. primary elections.

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