Community Resource Appraisal and Planning

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The Nypa Mangrove The nypa mangrove in the Northern part of Cagayan province is not only the source of nypa products to support the livelihood of the population in the area but also a rich source of fishery resource particularly brackish water aquatic resources with high economic value such as prawn, bivalves, seaweeds and high value fish species. The area is so rich with fishery resource that many families are dependent on it especially during the dry season when the area is conducive for fishery activities. The vastness of the nypa mangrove which is about 5000 square kilometers(DENR,2004) renders it a major fishery resource needing special attention. The large area and the role the location of the nypa mangrove which is in the estuarine of the Abulug Apayao River a major estuarine area in the province makes it a critical ecosystem needing close monitoring. The place is a breeding ground of most of the aquatic fauna with considerable economic value.The increasing population growth creates economic pressure on this vital fishery resource pushing its use to the level of compromising its sustainability.


The author is from Pamplona,Cagayan & resides in Tuguegarao City, Philippines.Married to Dr Evelyn C. Ame,with 4 children namely;Renalin,Reynaldo Jr.,Reynaldo III and Reyson.Graduate of BSc.Agr'l Engineering(UP Los Baños),MSc.Environ.Sci.(University of Auckland),Master in Public Admin.(CSU),PhD in Dev't(CSU) and Doctor in Public Admin.(SPUP).
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