The Russian Revolution, 1917

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August 2010



In this second edition, Rex Wade presents an account of the 1917 Russian Revolution.


1. The coming of the Revolution; 2. The February Revolution; 3. Political realignment and the new political system; 4. The aspirations of Russian society; 5. The peasants and the purposes of revolution; 6. The nationalities: identity and opportunity; 7. The summer of discontents; 8. 'All power to the Soviets'; 9. The Bolsheviks take power; 10. The Constituent Assembly and the purposes of power; 11. Conclusions.


Rex A. Wade is Professor of Russian History at George Mason University. He is the author of numerous books and articles on Russian history.


'This work is, without a doubt, the best single-volume treatment of the 1917 revolution ever published in English ... a remarkably readable synthesis of exceptionally diverse recent scholarship ... Rex Wade has done the field a great service with the publication of The Russian Revolution, 1917, which is bound to become a standard choice of syllabi in Russian history of the revolutionary period.' Slavic Review 'Read Wade, Rex Wade, his The Russian Revolution, 1917 ends logically with the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly in January 1918; it combines traditional history from above with more recent history from below; it has no ideological preconceptions; it is new, admirably brief, and it is good.' Revolutionary Russia '... students and the interested general public will choose Wade's book not only for his 'rethinking our narrative and interpretation of several major features of the revolution' but also for the enjoyment of engaging with a good history of one of the seminal events of the last century that is well told.' Eras Journal '... it is a thoughtful and balanced work which logically [] describes the sequence and outcome of the events of 1917 ... as of today it is the book that logically balances the many, divergent extremes of past interpretations of the Russian revolution.' Buldakov V. P., Doctor of History, Russian Academy of Science Otechestvennaia Istoriia
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