The Transformation of Mathematics in the Early Mediterranean World: From Problems to Equations

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An interesting interpretation of the historical trajectory of pre-modern mathematics.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. The problem in the world of Archimedes; 2. From Archimedes to Eutocius; 3. From Archimedes to Khayyam; Conclusion; References; Index.


Reviel Netz is Associate Professor in the Department of Classics at Stanford University. He has published widely in the field of Greek mathematics: The Shaping of Deduction in Greek Mathematics: A Study in Cognitive History (1999) was runner-up for the Runciman Prize for 2000, and he is currently working on a complete English translation of and commentary on the works of Archimedes, the first volume of which was published in 2003. He has also written a volume of Hebrew poetry and an historical study of barbed wire.


"For the true mathematics historian, this is a fascinating exploration, perhaps different from one's previous ideas of this time period. Highly recommended." M.D. Sanford, Felician College "...engaging, provocative, and definitely worth reading and thinking about." MAA Reviews, Fernando Q. Gouvea "...recommended reading--for its thought-provoking ideas and lively writing--for those with a serious interest in the mathematics of ancient Greece and medieval Islam." - Mathematical Reviews, J.L. Berggren
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