No Lambs No Sheep

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No Lambs - No Sheep is the memoir of Dr. Benjamin J. Hunter; it was written as a result of his 50 - year tenure in the ministry while serving as pastor of the same church for forty-five years. In this discourse, the author describes the mystique of his own spiritual motivation and its impact upon his human frailties. He details the challenge of remaining fresh and viable to the same congregation, over an extended period of time. With incredible honesty and courage, the writer reveals intimate details about some of his personal life experiences encountered on his Christian journey. Also, he speaks with clarity concerning the adversities in the life of a preacher and shares a short compilation of his own sermons with the readers. This untold story is historically significant because it addresses many ethnic issues that span more than seven decades in Texas. Its unique composite of wit, humor, and drama, lends itself to an exciting literary excursion.

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